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Introduction of the ITO conductive glass
On the surface of the common glass coated with a layer of indium tin oxide conductive film, to form the indium tin oxide glass which common used in LCD, usually referred to as ITO glass.
        ITO as nanometer indium tin oxide, has good conductivity and transparency, can cut off the harmful electromagnetic radiation, ultraviolet light and far infrared ray to human body. Therefore, after spraying in glass, plastic and electronic display screen, not only keep them to enhance conductivity and transparency and also to cut off harmful electronic radiation, ultraviolet and infrared to human body at the same time.
        ITO conductive glass is on the basis of the calcium-sodium or borosilicate substrate, using the method of magnetron sputtering plating a layer of indium tin oxide (commonly known as ITO) film. Processing LCD special ITO conductive glass, before plating ITO layer, also plating a 20-30 nm thick layer of silicon dioxide as the barrier layer, the main effect is to prevent the metal ion in the calcium-sodium substrate diffusion penetration to the ITO layer, it will effect the conductivity of ITO layer. High-grade LCD special used ITO glass, in order to get a more uniform display control, before sputtering ITO layer, the substrate glass need to be polished.
         Shenzhen JMT glass co., ltdhas the advanced  ITO coating production line and mature processing technology, it can produce high and low resistance TN \ STN ITO conductive glass (minimum ultra-low resistance is 3 ohm/sq.) and ITO glass for touch screen, optical shadow elimination ITO glass, OGS monolithic (BM + ITO) coated glass, OGS large size(BM+ ITO)coated glass, TFT low-temperature ITO coated glass etc., widely used in electronic products, LCD touch screen products, high-grade display device products.

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