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Two-dimensional code
AR+DG Glass
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1.Basic Concept:
        Use common glass as the base material, combine with the theory of AR coating, the surface of AR+DG glass is using vacuum magnetron sputtering technology to plate nano diamond composite superhard film on its surface. Gain the surface of the membrane layer hardness is more than mohs hardness level 6.  Using sharp and hard metal object plus 2 kg strength and 30 times back and forth on the glass surface scratch test, it is not damaged.The AR+DG glass has a strong ability to resist enclosed injury, is  technological achievements by  JMT company of many years of research and development, it has  magical effect to keep the glass surface permanent fresh beautiful.
        JMT nano diamond composite superhard film  technology can be used in screen protection glass of display device, such as mobile phone, desktop computer, television, outdoor advertising, medical instruments,  cameras and so on.
3.Processing size:
Max:1600mm×2800mm    Min:100mm×100mm  Thickness:0.4mm—8mm(according to customers’ requirements)
4.Toughened standards:
GB/T9963-1998   BS6206   ANSI Z97.1-2004   EN12150

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