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Enterprise Culture
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Enterprise Culture
Sincerity  Pragmatism  Innovation  To satisfy customers and made mutual benefit with customers is one of our most important promises. "J" in JMT means exquisite----our products is exquisite; "M" means perfect and successful cooperation; "T" means distinctive business philosophy. Enterprise culture is sincerity, pragmatism and innovation. No matter what for Customers or JMT people, sincerity is the basic rules, we would like to cooperate with all of our suppliers, customers and partners based on sincerity; pragmatism is our attitude, we would like to service for our customers with our serious and preciseness; innovation reflects the enterprising sprits of all staffs in JMT, we promote our key Competitiveness by continual innovation, to boost steady-going developments of our enterprise.
The company will continue to innovate, to provide the best service to the customers, to gain the shareholders and staffs more returns, and to contribute to the society more!
Service tenet
Quality first, Sincerity basic, Customer focus.
Business philosophy
Team-cooperation, scientific management, advance with the times , innovative development.
Human talent strategy
Value human talents; insist on personal mechanism featuring constantly improving working conditions, actually effective training system and valuing capacity than seniority provide employees with equal opportunities for their growth and forge a team suitable for the future development of the company.

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