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The characteristics of Anti reflective glassDate:2014-10-07
AR glass is also called Anti reflective glass, the production principle of AR glass is using the world most advanced technology which named Vacuum magnetron sputtering deposition technology, plating on a layer of anti reflective film in ordinary tempered glass surface, which can effectively reduce the reflection of the glass itself, to increase the transmittance of the glass, make the color which originally through the glass more bright-coloured and real. ...MORE>>
Introduction of the ITO conductive glassDate:2014-10-06
On the surface of the common glass coated with a layer of indium tin oxide conductive film, to form the indium tin oxide glass which common used in LCD, usually referred to as ITO glass. ...MORE>>
New changes in the Touch screen industry chainDate:2014-09-26
The formats are developing to the monolithic capacitive touch screen, that is OGS structure, enabling thinner and more lightweight requirements. Another important format is the integrated development of the module, touch screen upstream industries, including glass substrates, PET film, ITO target, optical glue, etc. ...MORE>>
Processing Introduction of Anti-glare glass(AG Glass)Date:2014-09-15
Anti-glare glass, can reduce the interference of ambient light to enhance the display viewing angle and brightness to reduce glare light from the screen, so that the image clearer, more bright colors, colors more saturated, thereby significantly improving the display. ...MORE>>
Solutions for preventing Tempered glass blewDate:2014-09-03
in order to prevent harm from blew glass, glass processing and installation process will often take some measures or methods, to reduce losses caused by glass blew. ...MORE>>

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