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Pingshan Optical Coating Production Base
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The optical coating glass base is located in Pingshan- Shenzhen the big industrial zone (Shenzhen export processing zone), This area is the Shenzhen municipal government vigorously developing hi-tech industry processing, export production base. Factory adjacent to the world famous companies such as Samsung Seg, Hitachi global, The park covers an area of 20000 , including production workshop covers an area of 5000 .
Factory is mainly engaged in optical glass coating, Has the world first-class vacuum sputtering coating production line, Capable of producing 600000 of optical, electronic glass coating processing ability. Providing  professional and quality products for numerous display manufacturers, home appliance manufacturers, and self-help manufacturers in the domestic and international.
Modernized advanced production lines
      Adopting international advanced vacuum sputtering coating lines and technology, our main products are anti-reflective(AR) glass, magic mirror glass, EMI Glass Filter for PDP TV,ITO conductive glass, AR+ITO glass for touch panels, AZO coating glass for solar panels, The max processing size is 2800 x 1650(mm).

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