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Anti-mist Glass
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1.Basic Concept:
        This product can be coated on the surface to prevent mist, anti-fouling (AS), In the visible light transmittance 98% or higher, reflectivity of 1% or less at the same time, can achieve prevent fingerprints, antifouling function. improve the LCD, LED display screen brightness, reduce the energy consumption. High penetration rate can improve the image resolution and texture, to make the image more colorful and lifelike. Reflectivity is less than 1%, effectively weakened as a result of the drawback of ghosting, whitish when the screen face the strong light; Low reflection can decrease the environment light reflex stimulus for eye fatigue. Effectively prevent the user’s face and eyes from the damage of ultraviolet radiation by the long-term use of equipment.
        Mainly used for display device, such as LCD TV, LED electronic products, the PDP TVS, laptops, desktop computer monitor, instrument panel, touch screen, picture frame glass and other electronic products to improve the transmission rate, lower reflectivity.
3.Processing size:
Max:1000 mmx1500mm   Min:100mmx200 mm Thickness:0.7mm--6mm (according to customers’ requirements)
4.Toughened standards: 
GB/T9963-1998   BS6206   ANSI Z97.1-2004   EN12150

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