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Chemical tempered in the glass processing industryDate:2014-09-19
General electronic display products, such as display, televisions, tablets, mobile phones, is to use 0.4 -- 3 mm thick chemical tempered glass as the screen protection panel, after the appearance of basic processing, according to the design requirements······ ...MORE>>
Overview the Development of Touch Screen Industry in Mainland ChinaDate:2014-09-11
touch screen industry in mainland China come out new features: Touch screen manufacturers increased, extended layout; large orders from touch screen manufacturer in Taiwan transfer to the mainland······ ...MORE>>
Application prospects of AR glass in outdoor LED advertising displayDate:2014-09-09
there is an AR glass on the market, to meet the high temperature resistance, high transmittance effect and it’s the best solution to solve the viewable in the sunlight. ...MORE>>
Introduction to the glass of Chemical tempered Date:2014-09-05
according to the mechanism of ion diffusion alter the composition of the surface of the glass, at a certain temperature dipped glass into the high-temperature molten salt , molten alkali metal ions in glass and alkali metal ions due to diffusion occurs exchange, a "congestion" phenomenon, make the compressive stress generated on the glass surface, thereby enhancing the strength of the glass. ...MORE>>
Touch panel and optical film industry top event--- 2014Touch TaiwanDate:2014-08-28
JMT Glass as a famous glass deep-processing enterprises are also actively involved in the event. ...MORE>>

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