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Two-dimensional code
AR+AG Glass
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1.Basic Concept:
        The glass product adopts AG glass raw material as the base plate, Magnetron sputtering AR coating film on the AG glass surface, Its characteristic is on the basis of the original AG products are diffuse, In view of the low transmittance in ascension, Reduced to optimum reflectivity. Product surface, prevent scratches and corrosion resistance is strong. Combining with the video imaging screen against glare, can constitute a transparent reflection screen, Solve electronic video, video screen under ambient light reflections and glare issues, Improve the quality of image picture. At present products are: single AG + AR, one-sided AG + AR.
        Mainly used in senior picture frame, precious cultural relics protection, DLP and LCD screen, precision instruments, medical equipment, screen window, electronic products display windows, indicating screen and so on.
3.Processing size:
Max: 1500 mmx1800 mm Min: 50 mmx50 mm Thickness: 1.6mm--6mm (according to customers’ requirement)
4.Toughened standards:
GB/T9963-1998   BS6206   ANSI Z97.1-2004   EN12150

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