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Anti-reflective (AR) Glass
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1.Basic Concept:
       Anti-Reflective glass(AR) is also called add-transmissivity glass. Adopting advanced magnetron sputtering vacuum coating technology, coating the Nano optics multilayer film on the glass surface, it can enhance the transmissivity of glass from 89% to more than 96% and reflectivity from 8% to less than 2%, for examples, four layers AR film on double surfaces, the transmissivity can be over 98%, the reflectivity can be lower 1%,no reflect and anti giddy light ,it makes image more clear with the strong light and improves the screen brightness to protect your eyes. 
        Transmission rate is up to more than 96%(Max: 99.5%) from common glass 89%, and its the world's most transparent glass.
  Reflectivity from 8% of the common glass fell below 2% (Min: 0.2%), Effectively weaken the defects caused by strong light behind the picture, Enjoy a more clear image quality.
  Uv spectral transmittance < 3%, which can effectively block the ultraviolet ray injuries to the eyes.
  Excellent scratch resistance and hardness≥7H, Excellent environmental performance, pass the acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance, temperature cycle, high temperature test, and membrane layer has no obvious change.
        AR glass is mainly used for display device and screen protector, such as LCD TV, PDP TV, laptop, desktop computer monitor, instrument panel, touch screen, picture frame glass and other electronic products to improve the transmission rate lower reflectivity,avoiding image being influenced by backside strong light,enjoying more clear image. structure:
1):single surface AR glass(double layer) GLASS\TIO2\SIO2
2):double surface AR glass(four layer) GLASS\TI02\SIO2\TIO2\SIO2
3):Multilayer AR glass ---Base on client requests
4.Processing size:
Max:1600 mmx2800mm   Min:200mmx200 mm Thickness:1.1mm--6mm (according to customers’ requirements)
5.Toughened standards: 
GB/T9963-1998   BS6206   ANSI Z97.1-2004   EN12150

Physical performance of AR glass
Item  Normal glass Single side T01 glass Double side T01 glass Single side F03 glass  Double side F03 glass
Color Transparency Blueviolet Blueviolet Natural color Natural color
Optical curve —— V W W W
Transmittance ≦90% ≧92% ≧96% ≧94.5% ≧98%
Reflectivity ≧8.4% ≦5.5% ≦2.1% ≦4.8% ≦1%
Application Low-end display panel Middle-end display panel High-end display panel High-end display panel High-end display panel
Scratch resistance ≧8H
Abrasive resistance Use eraser,at 250G pressure for 200 time, membrane on its surface is no change.
Moisture resistance At 120±4 degrees fahrenheit for 24 hours, membrane on ita surface is no change.
High-temperature resistance At 650 ℃, bake the product for 5 minutes, membrane on its surface is no change.
Solubility In 50G/L-NaCl, at 35 ℃, membrane on its surface is no change.
Acid resistance In 10%-HCl, at room temperature for 24 hours, membrane on its surface is no change.
Alkali resistance In 10%-NaOH, at 60 ℃ for 5 minutes, transmittance ︱△T︱≦ 4%

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