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The characteristics of Anti reflective glass
AR glass is also called Anti reflective glass, the production principle of AR glass is using the world most advanced technology which named Vacuum magnetron sputtering deposition technology, plating on a layer of anti reflective film in ordinary tempered glass surface, which can effectively reduce the reflection of the glass itself, to increase the transmittance of the glass, make the color which originally through the glass more bright-coloured and real.
        AR glass has the following characteristics:
        1.The highest visible light transmittance is up to 99%, the average transmittance is over 95%, can significantly improve the original brightness, reducing energy consumption of the LCD, PDP display devices.
        2.The minimum reflectivity is less than 0.5%,the average reflectivity is less than 4%,can effectively weaken the white defects which caused by strong light behind the picture, make you enjoy more clear image of quality.
        3.AR glass can make the color of image contrast more strongly, the scenery more clearly.
        4.AR glass make the transmittance of uv spectral region is greatly reduced, which can effectively block the uv damage to the eyes.
        5.High temperature resistant: AR glass heat-resistant > 500 degrees.
        6. Good performance of scratch-resistant and wear-resistance, the best AR film hardness is greater than 7 h.
        7.Resistant to all kinds of detergents, after wiping by acid or alkali detergents, its membrane layer is not damaged.
        8. Impact resistance is strong,  the impact of 3 mm thickness glass performance is equivalent to 6 mm acrylic.
        9.Keep the visual angle, when install the common glass, it will make the visual angle becomes smaller due to the reflected light, but the AR glass can keep the visual angle.
        10.The cold and hot deformation of AR glass almost can be omitted, and AR glass is suitable for all kinds of environment, at the same time, the AR glass has a more beautiful appearance.

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